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Started from humble beginnings in 2015, the Matt Brown Show features over 600+ episodes, an audience in 100+ countries and reaches 250,000 people every series. Today the show is a lexicon of high-value content for entrepreneurs, startups, investors and business thought leaders, around the world.

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About the Matt Brown Show

The Matt Brown Show has hosted more than 600 extraordinary guests, with billionaires on six continents, New York Times Best Selling authors, navy seals and global business thought leaders. Today, the show is a lexicon of high-value content for entrepreneurs, business leaders, and technologists around the world and is syndicated on Amazon Prime and the Roku Streaming TV Network.

The mission of the Matt Brown Show

Hi, my name is Matt Brown, host of the Matt Brown Show. I started the Matt Brown Show in 2015 with a single mission: To bring the community of startup founders, entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders together, one conversation at a time.

I believe that startups, entrepreneurs, investors and the community of business leaders are the ones that change the world for the better. Everything is the way that it is because someone (usually an entrepreneur), changed the way that it was.

In a world that is more divided than ever, we need to bind together and help each other to reach new heights and attain our collective goals. Whether, your goal is to scale, ‘cross the chasm’, close new funding rounds, generate referrals, make new connections, develop new networks  share stories, experiences and ideas, the Matt Brown Show is the community for you.

Onwards and upwards,

Matt Brown

The home of the extraordinary

The Matt Brown Show community is built with incredible talent and a hunger to make a positive difference to the world of business.

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